A Tour of Mérida’s Markets

I’ve got one of those brains that appreciates order. I love numbers and logic, and anything organized. I always keep a list of tasks for the day, and often an item on that list will be reminding me to make another list. Seriously. Don’t even get me started on jigsaw puzzles. The challenge of arranging jumbled pieces into a coherent whole? I’m happy just thinking about it.

So, I was a little troubled during our first foray into Mérida’s market. More like, freaked out. It was chaos. Mérida had taken the jigsaw puzzle called “Shopping”, hacked up the pieces with scissors, stuffed them into a piñata, and then hit it with a rocket launcher. I’ve never seen a place as confusing, haphazard, nonsensical, noisy, and absolutely devoid of order.

Even calling the place a “market” is wrong. It’s markets! Three or four markets all loosely clumped together. Maybe there were five. Who knows? It’s impossible to say where one ends and the other begins, and anyway, they’re all spilling out into the streets. Want to buy a shoelace? Right there, next to the disemboweled chicken. D’uh. Down this lane, you can find (in order): yucca-candy, tailor, avocado-lady, voodoo shop, tortillas. How long must it take, before you can make sense of this madness?

Apparently it takes twelve years. That’s how long Rosa Soares, a British-Portuguese expat, has lived in Mexico, and she has an excellent handle on Mérida’s markets. Rosa offers guided visits to tourists, and really knows her stuff. We met her one morning in front of the city cathedral, and followed her around to her favorite spots.

I began the day diligently taking notes on the names of the various spots we visited. But let’s be honest. Although Rosa knew exactly where we were throughout the day, I lost track after about ten minutes. Anyway, attempting to impart specific names and exact locations seems somehow contrary to the anarchic spirit of Mérida’s markets.

We started with a breakfast of panuchos inside one bustling market, and then moved to another which specializes in fruit. We visited a fish hall, then exited onto a road with lunch stalls, and found the dead chickens. And then the live chickens. Rosa knew what every vegetable was, every strange snack. She brought us to a lane of shops where the specialty is sweets, and then out onto the street where we saw a store that makes sauces in bulk.

Eventually, Jürgen and I had to raise the white flag. We had been walking for over two hours, and I had the distinct impression that Rosa could have gone on for two more. For this exhausting tour, she asks for almost no money, insisting that she does it because she loves being outside, meeting people, and helping newcomers become oriented. If you’re interested in an informed tour of Mérida’s most chaotic and colorful side, get in touch.

Location of the San Benito Market (as close to the “center” of Merida’s markets as exists)

Rosa’s Market Tours – Facebook

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  1. Nancy

    I have been to that market several times and it’s just about my favorite place on earth.  What gorgeous photos you took there.  It makes me so nostalgic and anxious to get back to Merida.  I can’t wait to explore the rest of your blog.

  2. Steve Collins

    Can you tell me where the picture of the unfinished tables and chairs was taken as we are buying a house in the Yucatan and will be looking for furniture. Been to the market in Merida but have not come across a furniture builder.Many Thanks  Steve Collins

  3. Walter Ostrom

    Living in Merida for 3 months. Very gritty city.The market is the best place for everything ,especially the produce, meat and FOOD STALLS AND STANDS.YOUR PHOTOS ARE TRUE TO LIFE – IT REALLY IS THAT BEAUTIFUL.HIGH ENGERGY MARKET.

  4. Vikki

    Rosa’s market tours are wonderful!!! When I moved here 10 years ago I was at a loss for many things! She is so knowledgeable and knows her way around which can be daunting int he big market. So happy to hear she is doing her tours again!! Don’t miss it! You will be glad you made the time!

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