Kabah and the Codz Poop

Kabah was the fourth archaeological site we visited on a very long day dedicated to the Maya ruins of the Ruta Puuc. Our energy might have been low upon arriving, but it’s hard to feel listless in the presence of a building like the Codz Poop.

Covered from top to bottom in a mesmerizing pattern of masks of the rain god Chaac, the Codz Poop was most likely used as a ceremonial temple. Its name might inspire juvenile laughs, but translates to the rather unfunny phrase “Rolled Mats”, which refers to the visual effect produced by the repeating masks. This repetition of a single decorative element is unique, and found at no other Maya site.

Kabah lies between Sayil and Uxmal, and was contemporary to both, but there is still academic debate about whether it was a satellite city of one of these bigger sites, or a powerhouse in its own right. In fact, there’s a whole lot left to be learned about Kabah. Today, you can visit the Codz Poop and a few other buildings, but the vast majority is yet to be excavated. That includes a massive pyramid laying just off the road, completely covered by overgrowth.

What mysteries are waiting to be discovered in the pyramid? What treasures? And the biggest question: how have professionals been able to resist digging for long? I’m seriously considering buying a shovel, and returning to Kabah myself.

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